Essay Contest: “Yes, I can help.” — Meena He

f062fb7e3e82c73b0b121842e11c58abMeena He (6th grade)

“Yes, I Can Help.”

29 November, 2015

When someone asks you to do something, what would you say? Would you get up from what your doing? Or will you be lazy?

Our world is not that glorified as people say it is. Our advancement in technology is a huge accomplishment but it is backfiring on us. As time goes by, people are getting more and more lazy. People invent objects to help their selves do things that they can do on their own. We will one day be unable to do the things we know how to do now.

How to use self defense is something that you might be not be taught in the future because technology would have advanced to create a invention that helps protect people. It might sound very amazing, and to be honest it is, the only problem is if everything was turned into a robot or a electronic device, someone could easily mingle with it or break it.

Soon we’ll become increasingly lax, creating things that will weaken our will to do things. This causes a chain reaction, more technology, more sluggish behavior, more sluggish behavior, more technology to compensate. At some point technology will overwhelm us and there are millions of problems that could cause.

If anything were to happen to this technology we would be affected more than we already are. For example, imagine you wake up one day and the whole network is down for good. No Facebook; no Instagram; no Twitter, harsh right, but no matter how much you were once on it, at some point you would get over it and find something more interesting to do. If we grow lazy and rely on technology for, let’s say, cooking, we wouldn’t be able to eat because we don’t know how to cook!

The moral is, don’t be lazy and next time someone asks you for help, think to yourself “Yes, I can help!”, get up and assist them in their task.

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