What is the function of AYLUS?

AYLUS promotes creativity, leadership, and initiative. AYLUS finds the potential of its members and
develops it to both benefit the person as well as the community.

Is AYLUS a non-profit?

Yes. AYLUS is a non-profit organization and operates exclusively for educational and charitable purpose with the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Is AYLUS 100% student run?

Students will be running AYLUS, with the approval of and supervision from the Board of Advisors.

Why was AYLUS formed?

The founders formed AYLUS to help students reach their potential and provide opportunities for their
development of leadership, creativity, and social skills.

Who can join AYLUS? How? Is there any criteria needed in order to join AYLUS?

Anyone with the dedication and motivation can join AYLUS. AYLUS members must be between the grades of 9th grade and 12th grade. Junior AYLUS members must be between the grades of Kindergarten
and 8th grade. Junior AYLUS members must have parental supervision for any volunteer work. a

How to join AYLUS?

Student can join AYLUS by sending the member request through the AYLUS group at FaceBook.  AYLUS group site is at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/aylus/. More information at http://aylus.org/join-aylus/.

What are the rewards for being a member of AYLUS?

AYLUS members receive the benefit of a national organization to create their own project or carry out
existing projects. For their service, AYLUS members will receive volunteer hours and are eligible for many awards and scholarships from other organizations (e.g: AYLF). AYLUS members also receive an
educational experience as a member of a national organization, as well as gain leadership, creativity, and social skills.

 How will AYLUS ensure the community hours given to people are fair and  appropriate?

The motto of AYLUS is “Leadership, Integrity, and Innovation”. AYLUS will be honorable and conduct all
activities in a fair and scrupulous way. Respective AYLUS committees will decide as a group upon the community hours. They will also communicate with the person receiving the hours so that they may discuss the appropriate reward. If the person receiving the hours feels that their hours given are unfair, they may appeal to the Board of Advisors.

How can you create a national club?

National clubs can be requested from the appropriate committee head, the National President, and the Board of Advisors. The contact information is available at  http://aylus.org/organization/

How can you create a local branch?

Contact the National President and the Board of Advisors in order to start a local branch. Once a local branch is established, it will receive support from the National organization. To create a local branch, it requires at least three high school students as founders and an adult adviser.  The application form is available at http://aylus.org/documents-and-forms/

How and when will AYLUS leaders be chosen?

AYLUS leaders will be chosen in May to accommodate for summer activities. AYLUS members must complete an application for their position as well as conduct an interview with the Board of Advisors. AYLUS members will also be evaluated on their contribution and commitment.   To apply for the leadership position at AYLUS, please fill-out the application form at  http://aylus.org/documents-and-forms/

How can you apply to become an advisor of AYLUS?

Advisors include former National Presidents as well as adults from AYLF and other organizations. Applications and interviews must be sent to and conducted with the Board of Advisors.  Please send your request to  advisor@aylus.org

What is the difference between a local branch and a club?

Local branches are based on geography and decide upon their own projects. Clubs are centered around topics (e.g: chess, public speaking) and can include people from across the nation. Both have
a President, Vice President, and Secretary.

 Why dont local branches and clubs include a treasurer position?

Local branches and clubs will transfer their funds raised to the national branch. The national branch will
provide them with all the resources they need.

Currently, how extensive is AYLUS? Will it branch internationally?

AYLUS currently has members from
across the United States. As of now, it will not be branching internationally.

How will AYLUS support its members’ projects?

AYLUS will provide monetary funds and connections to many communities. AYLUS will provide help from the Board of Advisors.

How often will AYLUS host meetings? Where? Who can join?

Meeting times will be flexible. National meetings can vary from twice a year to however many times depending on our needs. Committee heads can request meetings two weeks prior to the meeting,
and requests should be sent to the National President and the Board of Advisors. National meetings will be conducted online or in person, depending on the funds available, and local meetings can be conducted in person. Attendees will depend on the purpose of the meeting.

Who will be making decisions for AYLUS? What if I dont agree?

Students will be running the organization with the supervision of and consulting from the Board of Advisors. Local branches will make their own decisions with the approval of the local advisor(s).

If I join AYLUS, what must I contribute?

AYLUS members can create their own project or participate in existing projects.

Who, besides AYLUS members, will benefit from the projects?

AYLUS projects are approved by the Board of Advisors based on their contribution to the community. Therefore, the community will benefit from all projects.

My friends at school want to help me with my project. Can they join AYLUS as well?

All members are welcome, as long as they have dedication, self-motivation, and positive contributions. 

How to contact AYLUS?

AYLUS contact information is available at http://aylus.org/organization/


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