AYLUS Pearland volunteers at annual Pearland Parks and Recreation Winterfest Celebration

Coordinated by: Kevin Chen

Written by: Vincent Yang

The Pearland branch of AYLUS joined Ms. Patricia Wiley on January 27th, 2018 for the second
time to help coordinate Pearland’s annual Winterfest event. Winterfest is the largest celebration
which Pearland Parks and Recreation hosts, drawing over a thousand people for another
successful year and was joined by 66 AYLUS members and parents.
AYLUS volunteers arrived to Pearland’s Recreation Center by 8:15 AM and facilitated the
Winterfest community celebration for five hours. During their shifts, volunteers provided endless
entertainment to children cheerfully sliding down snow hills to setting up snowball fights in the
Winter Wonderland. The effort from volunteers and the snow zones, petting zoos, food trucks,
and more, this year’s Winterfest was another rousing success.
The 66 AYLUS members proved to be crucial in ensuring the smooth running of the entire
festival. The organization would like to thank Ms. Wiley for allowing our volunteers to help out
with the festival in any way we could and hope to be of assistance in the future as well.

The volunteers at 2018’s Winterfest included: Kevin Chen, Vincent Yang, Luxin Peng, Han Lu, Annee Zhu, Daniel Ling, Edwin Ling, Jin Wang, Kathryn Guan, Hans Wang, William Li, Richard Hong, William Chen, Grace Li, Terry Guo, Kiki Tan, Cordelia Li, Janie Chen, Kathy Liang, Karen Lu, Kevin Song, Ella chen, Daniel Tan, Grace Song, Andy Jiang, Samuel Jing, Ethan Chen, William He, Katherine Zhong, Jorryn Li, Yingxin Wei, Chelsea Fu, Alex Guo, Evan Gao, Raina Zhang and Cindy Li.

Updated: February 4, 2018 — 6:45 am
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