Essay Contest: Why do I love AYLUS? — Ethan Zhou

pictureaylusessaycontest1Ethan Zhou (5th grade)

Why do I love AYLUS?

9 December, 2015

The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS) is a great organization for many reasons.  AYLUS is a multi-purpose community, where everyone can learn, socialize with others, and help those in need.  When I first joined, I was excited because I could both learn and contribute to AYLUS.
AYLUS is a great platform for improving members’ social skills.  In AYLUS, everyone has a chance to share their talents, and they can also meet new friends.  Specifically, AYLUS helps build much-needed leadership skills by encouraging members to initiate and participate in projects.  For example, I improved my social skills while participating in the food drive when advertising.  Social skills are important because they allow others to share their ideas persuasively.

Enhancing social abilities is also important because communication is important to everyday life, both in work and at home.  AYLUS helps strengthen members’ communication skills by encouraging everyone to share our ideas with other members.  It is also a place to try new things, for on AYLUS, people will have different ideas and interests, so you can explore and possibly find new interests that you’ve never had before.

Finally, through AYLUS members have a chance to help the outside world in many ways.  AYLUS helps by making donations to people in need, such as food drives, and also helps by providing tutorials for others that can easily be understood and followed.  For example, I like math, so I made AMC tutorials for Math Circle Online.  AYLUS is also very flexible and will be glad to let members contribute towards any topic.

In conclusion, AYLUS is a great organization because it helps enhance the social abilities of members, is a great place to learn and explore, and encourages members to benefit communities around the nation.

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