Sugar Land & Fort Bend TX Branch: Raising Over $6,700 for Tianjin Explosion Victims!

TianjinOn August 12, 2015, several consecutive explosions erupted from a chemical warehouse in Tianjin, China that housed dangerous toxic chemicals such as sodium cyanide. As of August 16, over 100 were killed from the explosions and the aftermath with nearly 100 trapped still. Chemical experts still do not know the full list of toxins released in Tianjin, and the risk to rescue the missing firefighters and civilians grows greater after 4 days of attempts.                                                                                  Tianjin Explosions

2015-08-16-22-46-56-780The Sugar Land, TX Branch and Fort Bend, TX Branch worked together at an event to help promote awareness and thus, collect donations for the injured victims of the explosions as well as the hundreds left homeless. Supporting the event, were Al Green, Congressman for the local district, TV reporters, journalists, as well as other community members supporting the fundraiser. From the Sugar Land TX Branch, Lauren Yang, Karen Yang, and Shivani Guha and from the Fort Bend TX Branch, Eric Wu, Gan Liu, David Lin, and Jason Wu were all active volunteers. At the conclusion of the event, we ended up raising over $6,700 for Tianjin from the generous community! Even on the other side of the world, we can make a difference!

2015-08-16-23-18-17-174     2015-08-16-23-56-55-991           Lauren Yang introducing AYLUS to Al Green

Volunteers at work, collecting donations and spreading awareness.




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