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Message from TBD:

For starters, I want to become a scientist when I grow up, along with the hopes of becoming a lawyer. I love science because of what it means to me. My father was a scientist and had always taught me many things by doing experiments with me. Though they might not have been very complicated ones, it always astounded me that I could turn household items into something so fun and amazing. It was also because of my father that I learned about cells, chemical reactions and etc. earlier on than my classmates. After that I practically sucked up and information related to science I could get a hold to in my public library and I started to do experiments by myself, this always interested me, even when an experiment failed because I would put my variable through many trials to see what I did wrong. Once I figure out what my mistake was I feel more pride and joy when I succeed this time than before.




As of now, the STEAM committee has been working on creating a series of science experiment videos. They can be found here!


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