Conejo Valley, CA

Status: Inactive

On February 2, 2016 a group students at Conejo Valley (CA) worked together to create the Conejo Valley branch in Southern California.


The founders of Conejo Valley Branch are From left: Richard Qiu, Spencer Gravel, Alex Li, Ben Gulbranson, Henrick Zhang, Abby Gulbranson, Adam Li (from left in the picture at left).

Congratulation to Clio, Jonathan, and Meiyu. You all are awesome!


The Description of Conejo Valley Branch

The Conejo Valley Branch aims at pursuing service, improving the local community, and activating local discussion on important issues. Located in the west Los Angeles area, we encourage members to think complexly and clearly on divisive issues and to assemble an informed and educated opinion. As an organization focused on action, the Conejo Valley Branch promotes organization, practicality, and creativity in solving complicated problems.


Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President  Richard Qiu and Henrick Zhang,
Vice President Adam Li, Spencer Gravel,
Secretary   Abby Gulbranson, Ben Gulbranson,,,
Advisor  Jinshu Qiu
Advisor  Minghuang Zhang
Advisor  Annie Wang

MeiFang Zeng

 Branch Activities:

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch Recycling Program Donation!

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch hosts another Study Buddy Session

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch hosts a trail cleanup

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch hosts a “Now and the Future” Seminar

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch Holds a 4th Study Buddy +Recycling Session


AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch 3rd study buddy session

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch 2nd Study Buddy Session

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch Earth Day

AYLUS Conejo Valley Branch First Study Buddy Session

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