Fairfax, VA

Status: Honor, Branch of the Year with the Most Potential for Growth (2016-2017)


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On the October 4, 2015, four high school students from Fairfax created the 19th AYLUS branch in Fairfax, VA.  It marks the first branch of Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States in the Virginia.


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The founders of Fairfax Branch are George Cao, Charles Wang, Anna Xu, Andrew Lee, and Adam Yee, Cynthia Hu, Richard Zhan(from left).

Congratulation to George, Charles, Adam, and Andrew. Great job!

The Description of Fairfax Branch

The Fairfax branch of Virginia aims to bring out the potential of a variety of individuals. We will coordinate projects that emphasize on leadership and volunteering opportunities. We want to give the public a chance to help and give back to the community by using their talents and interests. We want to inspire creativity and leadership to those around us, as these are important assets in the community. We are open to any contribution that is offered, and we welcome anyone who would want to join in on our efforts.

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Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President George Cao georgecao2000@gmail.com
Vice President Charles Wang charlesjxwang@gmail.com
Vice President Adam Yee adam.yee@gmail.com
Vice President Anna Xu  abo737475@gmail.com
Secretary Richard Zhan richymanzhan@gmail.com
Secretary Cynthia Hu Cynthia.Hu.817@gmail.com
Secretary Andrew Lee  abo737475@gmail.com
Advisor Lin Cao lincao123@yahoo.com
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