Fort Bend TX Branch: Robotics Project Presses On!

The Fort Bend TX Branch has held its 4th meeting (Aug 16th, 2015)! Branch members Eric Wu, Gan Liu, David Lin, and Jason Wu attended. Although it was not an official showcase, a number of young new members were present to witness the new adaptations to the robot. Our vice president Gan Liu brought out several new building parts and demonstrated the mechanics behind the brand new launcher of the robot to the many bystanders gathered at the meeting. Everybody was able to clearly see the potential of the ever-progressing robotics project!

AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1122 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1128 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1137 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1135 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1134 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1132


Updated: August 17, 2015 — 3:14 am
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