Gan LiuChair: Gan Liu

Deputy Chair: Eric Wu


2015-2016 Team Members: Gan Liu, Eric Wu, Jason Wu, Neal Pang and David Lin

2016-2017 Team Members: Gan Liu, Eric Wu, kevin Jin, Jason Wu




We have superb tutorial videos that show you how to build a working robot from scratch. The first release is a 35 minutes introductory video.


The Robotics Team of AYLUS

The Robotics Chair, Gan Liu, led hands-on introductory sessions for the VEX Robotics Competition. Members participated in the sessions had a first impression of the ins-and-outs of the Robotics competition.

IMG_1077 IMG_1088

IMG_1082 IMG_1099

IMG_1104 IMG_1107

IMG_1100 IMG_1105

AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1128 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1122
AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1135 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1132

AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1134 AYLUS_FBTB_RoboticsIMG_1137


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