JonathanCommittee Chair: Jonathan Liu

Email: jonathanviolin77@gmail.com

Message from Jonathan:

Why I Like Politics?

Politics, the ethics and morals applied to a group of people. Political matters have always been an area of interest to me. Every once in a while, I find myself listening to various speeches or surfing the Internet of what is currently going on in the outside world. Through doing so, I realized how much can be learned and the benevolence of just taking some time to listen is indeed overwhelming. Through politics, one has more opportunities in applying different moralities and codes of ethics into their lives, can become more aware of society as a whole, and cultivate deeper insight and viewpoints.

The Importance of Politics:

Despite, the multitude of quarrels between different political parties over various issues that currently are taking place due to the presidential campaigns, politics play a vast and quintessential role in each and every one of our daily lives. For students, politics influence their education. For the general press, politics affect what may be on the local news and protects the rights to freedom of speech. For the working field, politics reap important statistical analyses of employment rates and help engender more innovation. For the people, politics affect each of our opinions and our way of everyday life. In hind sight, the government and politics are essential structural frameworks. The collaboration and relationships between nations and the outlook on the world depends heavily on politics. Businesses, Education, the Press, Nationwide Relationships, Employment, etc. all in one way or another relates to politics. Evidently, politics have quite a myriad of roles to carry out, despite while most of the population think that politics are just a waste of time and that in the end, politics aren’t needed, for politics only cause havoc and bring negative consequences. The aforementioned evidence proves otherwise.

What I Hope To Achieve Through the Politics Committee:

I intend to use AYLUS to provide more awareness of politics and portray to the outside world just how important the government and politics really are, while also bringing forth more positive impacts to our environment. I am always grateful to be given a chance to contribute to society and to grow as a learner and leader.



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