North Shore, NY

Status: Inactive

On Feb 29, 2016, five high school students founded the North Shore (NY) Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS).

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The founders of North Shore Branch are Andy Yang, Shirley Yan, Jennifer Williams,  Kushagra Jaiswal , and Josephine Chuang (from left).

Description of North Shore Branch

AYLUS DESIGNSWe are a group of students from the northern coast of Long Island, New York. In creating this branch, our missions are to promote education in various fields, carry out altruistic acts of humanitarian kindness and compassion, as well as encourage the fellow students around us to get involved in activities that bring good to the community. Imagine if every person acts benevolently, selflessly, generously…so many problems affecting us today would not even exist. While this is a realistically unattainable goal, we do hope to spread this kind of influence by taking little steps in our locality doing the best we can to help solve the issues we see around us. Through organizing projects and events with our team, we are also inspiring leadership and teamwork in our student body. If you wish to be a part of an effort to positively energize the world we all live in, become a member of our group!


Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Andy (Tingan) Yang
Co-President Shirley Yan
Secretary Jennifer (Jenny) Williams
Treasurer Kushagra Jaiswal
Project Manager Josephine Chuang
Creative Director Seth Friedman
Advisor Sarah Lee


Branch Members

Position Name Email
Member Allison Hsu
Member Danny Dai
Member Neil Issacoff
Member Rishith Kyatham
Member Allison H. Lin
Member Denis Saha
Member Benjamin Huang
Member Sydney Chen
Member Sean Ahearn
Member Annie Lin
Member Charles “Charlie” Ulrich



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