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Message from George:

Being the chair of Engineering is an opportunity I cannot pass. I am the type of person that generally isn’t able sit still and listen to a lecture for a long time. I like to actually do something to keep my hands occupied. When I have something that occupies me besides listening to some old lousy professor, I am truly focused and working. This will allow me to not only enjoy this job but also allow me to give my best output.

In the past, I have worked and finished many different projects. Projects that I have already completed include a miniature police siren, water bottle rockets, air rockets, catapults (Ballista and trebuchet), wooden cars, and different kinds of bridges. I have also made a Rube Goldberg machine before. Recently, I researched and purchased computer parts, then assembled them to make a working computer.

I will use this position to design and create projects that makes a great learning experience and is both fun and rewarding. Although I am not the most experienced person out there, I will work to lead those who are interested to become a better engineer and help those who need it. I will strive to use my knowledge and skills that I have accumulated over the years to give back to my community and help out others.


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