imageCommittee Chair: Leo Tong


Message from Leo:

I have been interested in Economics related topics for a while and got an opportunity to take a course called “The Mathematics of Money” two years ago. I drew interest in many topics such as stocks and bonds. I want to expand the knowledge of others and mine who are also interested in this topic as well. Because economics is a very broad topic with a wide range of available jobs I want to apply for this position to educate others and myself more on the topic.
From research online, I found out that as an Economics students, you have responsibilities to research and analyze economic data, issues, and trends, produce economic forecasts and report, advise on policy and/or business strategy accordingly. Careers in the economic field could be in banking, accountancy, business and financial consultancy, public sector, actuarial and data analysis, or other alternatives, such as auditor, stockbroker, and insurer, pricing analyst, statistician, financial consultant and salesperson.
I am particularly interested in Economics in accountancy field which involves recording, classifying, interpreting and communicating financial data, requiring strong analytical skills, mathematical proficiency, computational ability, an understanding of all the
elements of company finances, and the ability to contextualize the data collected.
In this project, I want to lead a group of members to conduct a research on the topics that everybody likes, study macro and/or micro economics theory and try to apply them to our practical life and real world. We will be composing a research paper or a presentation slides based on everybody’s work and either try to publish the paper on public media or make a presentation video and publish online.



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