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Volunteer Liability Release Form

Volunteer Liability Release Form Template (WORD)

Volunteer Liability Release Form Template (PDF)

Volunteer Liability Release Form for AYLUS (WORD)

Volunteer Liability Release Form for AYLUS (PDF)

AYLUS Membership Application Form

AYLUS Membership Application Form

AYLUS Leadership Application Forms

AYLUS encourages all members to enhance their leadership potential.  If you are interested in a committee leadership position at AYLUS, please fill out the form and email it to Visit the Organization page to check out the current openings!

AYLUS Committee Deputies Application Form (WORD)

AYLUS Committee Deputies Application Form (PDF)

AYLUS Project Application Forms

Have an idea to make a positive impact on your community?  AYLUS is standing by you! To start a new project with the support of AYLUS, please fill out the AYLUS New Project Application Form and email it to

New Project Application Form (WORD)

New Project Application Form (PDF)

AYLUS Volunteer Service Report Template


Advisers should use the following Microsoft Excel template to submit service hours for students. Each student should have a dedicated file. Guideline and instructions are included in the template. 

AYLUS PVSA Sevice Hours Report Template File

For managing volunteering activities easily, advisers should keep track of each student’s hours over time. It can be done either digitally or by paper. The following is a ready-made form for the convenience of management (it’s not for PVSA submissions though),

AYLUS Voluteer Service Report Form

For each student who wants to apply for PVSA award, the following application form is also needed by AYLF. The form mainly informs us about the student’s age, home address, etc.

AYLUS PVSA Application Form

In summary, for a student to receive PVSA award, two files are needed as detailed above. Send these files to Before these files are sent, it’s suggested that branch advisers should review the information to the best knowledge so as to ensure that the submissions bears creditable fidelity and accuracy.    



The Presidential Service Award

Students will receive volunteer hours according to the hours they spend preparing and executing each activity or program. The details can be found at PVSA website:


Hours by Award Bronze Silver Gold
Kids (5-10) 26 – 49 50 – 74 75 +
Teens (11–15) 50 – 74 75 – 99 100 +
Young Adults (16-25) 100 – 174 175 – 249 250 +
Adults (26 and older) 100 – 249 250 – 499 500+
Families and Groups* 200 – 499 500 – 999 1,000+
President’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more hours in their lifetime
* Two or more people, with each member contributing at least 25 hours toward the total


The award package includes:

  • Customized certificate
  • Choice of pin, medallion or coin
  • Letter from the President

Display of the certificate with volunteer's name, letters from President Obama and the CNCS and POL, and a PVSA pin, medallion, and coin.


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