AlexCommittee Chair: Alex Lin


Message from Alex:

I am interested in learning more about business and would like to help expand this new branch. Recently a finance/stock trading club started at my school. I was very interested and wanted to sign up for the club, but unfortunately, it conflicted with my model UN club. As a result, I would love to be able to begin a stock trading club/team with AYLUS and gain valuable knowledge. I propose a system where teams partake in a friendly competition to see who can gain the most from their stocks. I know another person who is also interested in doing this and I believe we could start a competition. I could lead a team, and we can find others who are also interested in learning more about stocks and business. Although I may be slightly lacking in experience, I believe I have the capability and determination to help this new branch succeed. Along the way, I will not only acquire business experience, but also maybe some new friends. I love math and working with numbers, so I believe I will really enjoy this stock trading game and even inspire others to enjoy it too.


Deputy: William Wang


Message from William:

I know a lot of people like to drone on in introductions about abstract qualities such as enthusiasm, ambition, and charisma, but I’d like to save both our times and focus on the facts. I am a junior in Arcadia High School, and during the week I split my time between studying, attending club meetings, working within academic teams, tutoring after school, and, of course, spending time with friends. The clubs I am actively involved in include Biology, VEX Robotics, and Chess. I am a member of the engineering team and also part of Varsity DI within our school’s larger overall Destination Imagination team. So right about now, if you’re picturing a fairly stereotypical Asian American teenager with glasses and a distinct interest in STEM oriented activities and curriculum, then you would be mostly right. But, the one most important thing that I haven’t yet mentioned is my love for business. I discovered my interest in middle school when I happened upon a fascinating microeconomy within an online game known as Team Fortress 2. The economy was centered around the exchange of goods among players, and with a little bit of courage and a heck of a lot of dedication I managed to turn a fifty dollar investment from my father into well over eight hundred dollars over the course of a year. I stopped trading due to time constraints, but my experience as a trader revealed to me not only valuable lessons in strategy, marketing, and negotiation but also an admiration and passion for business. For a while I’ve neglected my personal interest, but it is now time to reignite my love for business and the first step is applying for a leadership position in AYLUS’s newly founded Business Committee. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your response.


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