South Boston, MA

Status: Inactive, Branch of the Month (Dec. 2015, Feb 2016)


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On the September 2, 2015, three high school students worked together to create the South Boston Branch, MA.


Allen-XuChristie YuYuhang

The founders of South Boston Branch are  Allen Xu, Christie Yu, and Yuhang Zhang (from left).

Congratulation to Christie, Allen and Yuhang. Great Job!

The Description of South Boston Branch

The South Boston Branch endeavors to serve the public, and endorses creating community building projects, incorporating hobbies into goals, and staying connected with current technology in ways that best display its members’ leadership, integrity, and innovation. The South Boston Branch welcomes and encourages students to positively impact the community by bringing people of all ages together in partnership to share resources, meet real community needs, and educate the change agents of tomorrow. The South Boston Branch calls upon interested individuals with common professional career interests to design, implement, and evaluate community service programs to diverse populations. The goal of the South Boston Branch is to make Boston and its surrounding regions a welcoming space, and to bring out the leadership qualities of the local residents. By doing so, the South Boston Branch expresses its hope that our members will be able to flourish into productive members of society, equipped with the leadership, social and technical skills to succeed.

The South Boston Branch further invites those in the region to join and support us in our activities.

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
Co-Presidents Allen Xu

Christie Yu

Vice President Yuhang Zhang

Eric Zhou

Cory Zhou

Advisor  Helen Gu

Branch Members

Position Name Email
Member Albert Wu
Member Yifei Zheng
Member Kripa Solanki
Member Eric Zhou
Member Daniel Zhou
Member Sara Song
Member Cory Zhou
Member Becky Zhou
Member Garrett Lu
Member Edwin Lu
Member Jack Tang
Member Lily Zhou
Member Katherine Chen
Member Christopher Zhang
Member Alice Yu
Member Irene Wu
Member Katherine Zhou
Member Peter Bi
Member Tianyi Bi
Member Vivian Li
Member Daniel Zhou
Member Rachael Wei
Member Sara Wei
Member Kyle Chen
Member Melinda Yu
Member Wanying Zhang
Member Brendan Xu
Member Anna Muenning
Member Annie Yu
Member Jeannie Ruffley
Member Lauren Alexander
Member Tommy Wang
Member Christine Shi
Member Tiffany Yu
Member Meira Xu
Member May Zheng
Member Joanne Zhou
Member Rajeev Raghavan
Member Ravi Raghavan
Member Jia Yan



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