Santa Clara, CA

Status: Inactive

On the Feb 19, 2016, three high school students from Santa Clara created the Santa Clara branch.


eric1.jpg-212746255_449388905256111_820214204_nFullSizeRenderThe founders of Santa Clara  Branch are Eric Wu, Han Zhang Duan, and Anne Wang(from left).

Congratulation to Eric, Han Zhang, and Anne. Great job!


The Description of Santa Clara Branch

Our branch is based in the city of Santa Clara, California. The first time I found out about this organization was around October of 2015, through the vice president of the San Jose branch, coincidentially also a member of my club volleyball team. Apparently his branch needed someone to fill in the vacant position of secretary of their branch. I did not want to join AYLUS at that time and accordingly, the vacancy was soon filled in by another candidate.

The reason why I wish to start an AYLUS branch in Santa Clara is due to the fact that it gives many high school students more freedom than other programs. I used to be a member of the Boy Scouts and did at least one service project each month. The main problem with the boy scouts is that it requires each member to participate in all activities. By playing volleyball, I ran into many conflicts with activities in the Boy Scouts resulting in me eventually quitting the Boy Scouts. I hope that joining AYLUS will give me more freedom to arrange my service project schedule.

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Eric Wu
Vice President Han Zhang Duan
Secretary Anne Wang
Advisor Judy(Chuanhong) He




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