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January, 2018  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
December, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
November, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
October, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
September, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
August, 2017 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50


July, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
June, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
May, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
April, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
March, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
February, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
January, 2017  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
December, 2016  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
November, 2016  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
September, 2016  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50


August, 2016  AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50
July, 2016 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50


Total Volunteer Events: 138

On the September 2,  2015, three high school students from San Diego (CA) founded the San Diego Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS).


Stephen Yang Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.37.08 PM Kelly Zhong

The founders of San Diego Branch are Stephen Yang, Christopher Yang, and Kelly Zhong (from left). AYLUS is a PVSA Certifying Organization and can help its members apply for PVSA Gold, Silver, and Bronze service medals.


Current News

The Description of San Diego Branch

The San Diego Branch of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States is a student-led organization that creates opportunities for its members to develop leadership skills, build characters, and provide service to schools and communities in San Diego.

We strive to help people in the Greater San Diego area by volunteering, leadership, and service. We plan to first focus our service to children with cancer and their families, children and youth with cerebral palsy, and children who have hearing impairments. In addition, we would like to raise awareness about animal cruelty, hunger for children, and water and air pollution in developing countries.

We would like to spread our love for art and music through events such as volunteering, performances, and tutoring. Gradually, we would like to expand our service to more children in San Diego through art, music, and sports initiatives.

The San Diego Branch welcomes all students who lives in the Greater San Diego area!


Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
Co-President Stephen Yang
Co-President Christopher Yang
Vice President Zachary Zhu
Secretary Kelly Zhong
Treasurer Samantha Zhu
Public Relations Director Ashley Zhang
Advisor Junhua Fan
Advisor Julia Han
Advisor Alice Jiang
Advisor Minjun Zhang


Branch Members



 Position Name Email
 Member Bonnie Yu
 Member Samantha Zhu
 Member Raymond Li
 Member Zachary Zhu
 Member Claire Jiang
 Member Emily Zhong
 Member Aaron Huang
 Member Elaine Guo
 Member Kayla Zheng
 Member Alan Zhu
 Member Biran Zhu
 Member Leonard Fan
 Member Sampras Hsu
 Member Ethan Tran
 Member Kevin Li
 Member Jenina Zhu
 Member  Katina Zhu
 Member Jacob Zhong
 Member David Kirk
 Member Jackson Shen
 Member Leo Gu
 Member Michael Ma
 Member Lucas Liu
 Member Ashley Zhang
 Member Siye Li
 Member Ian Kirk
 Member Andrew Peng
 Member Andrew Zhang
 Member Eric Li
 Member Lynne Xu
 Member Chole Feller
 Member Leon Wang
 Member Chengming (Daniel) Li  daniel
 Member Jonathan Backues
 Member Amanda Zhang
 Member Eric Xu
 Member Jessica Trost
 Member Joshua Trost
 Member Sarah Cheng
 Member Joel Lee
 Member Michael Wang
 Member Chengda (Samuel) Li
 Member William Sun
 Member Lucy Ren
 Member  Elden Ren
 Member  April Cheng
 Member  Milt Aubry
 Member Marshall Brooker
 Member David He
 Member Yuankai Kyne Xie
 Member Kiana Deghati
 Member Enoch Huang
 Member Tiara He
 Member Annie Lin
 Member Sherry Fu
 Member Gary Wu
 Member Summer Yaming Yang (63)


Junior Branch Members


Position Name Parent Email
Member Anthony Jiang
Member Anais Feller
Member Jessica Fan
Member Alyssa Zheng  
Member  Claire Guo 
Member Samdrea Hsu
Member   Grace Li
 Member Bryan Huang
 Member Timothy Tran
 Member Jeffrey Guo
 Member Nathan Guo
 Member Andrew Gao

 Member Annie Bian
 Member  Wanyi Zhu 
 Member  Edison Shen
 Member  Patrick Zhang 
 Member Emily Wang
 Member  Michael Wang
 Member  Kevin Wang
 Member Ricky Xu
 Member Jason Xu
 Member Mike Bai
 Member Michelle Bao
 Member Michael Bao
 Member Aidan Ledgard
 Member Fiona Wang 
 Member Michelle Lai
 Member William Lai
 Member David Lai
 Member Gabriel Zhang
 Member Holly Lin
 Member Anna Cao
 Member Zhirui Zheng
 Member Linda Zheng
 Member Richard Wu
 Member Zoe Zhang
 Member Cynthia Liu
 Member Abigail Liao
 Member Maxwell Yao
 Member Chengda Li
 Member Alexandra  Backues
 Member Nathan Yang
 Member Cindy Xu
Member Xianren (Sunny) Yu
Member Edward Sun
Member Eddie Qiao
Member Isabelle Qiao
Member James Li
Member Chris Liu
Member Shilei Sally Chen
Member Stephen Xu
Member Austin Xu
Member Bill Xiao (54)



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