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On September 12th, 2015, three high school students from Pearland (TX) founded the Pearland branch of AYLUS.


The founders of Pearland Branch are Kevin Chen, Tony Liu, Jason Jiang (from left).

Congratulations to Kevin Chen, Tony Liu and Jason Jiang. Great job!

Kevin Chen Tony Liu Jason Jiang
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Donna Liu

Current News


The Description of Pearland Branch

The new Pearland AYLUS branch will be focused on encouraging our youth to be more active in the community by addressing current and future challenges. We will primarily serve our region and then branch out to other locations as needed. Becoming a branch of AYLUS is very important to us because we have seen the difficulties that others face and we are passionate about helping them.

Several of our past projects that we wish to continue include performing music to the senior citizens at Tuscany Village and Autumn Leaves nursing homes, collecting and recycling roadside litter, packaging food at the Houston Food Bank for the less fortunate, and more. Furthermore, we have plans for the future including offering swim lessons to young children, hosting seminars to discuss academic course selections, and teaching English to children in China.

We will be able to complete these goals because our community has many willing volunteers ready to help out. Many of these volunteers are dedicated students who participate in service clubs at our school.

Branch Officials

Position Name Email
President Kevin Chen
Co-President Tony Liu
Vice President Jason Jiang; Donna Liu;
Secretary Han Lu
Treasurer Jerry Gu
Public Relations Vincent Yang
Historian Grace Liu
Representatives Jenny Yu; William Li; Xinyu Zhu
Advisor Xin Liu
Advisor Zhiyin Yu
Advisor Ping Sun


Branch Members

 Position Name Email
 Member Evelyn Cai
Member Hans Wang
Member Wilbert Liu
Member Hanxi Zhu
Member Ryan To
 Member Bovey Liu
 Member Yingxin Wei
 Member Sabrina Hu
 Member Tiffany Nguyen
 Member David Wang
Member Bill Tang
Member Kimberly Nguyen
Member Kevin Bai
Member Helen Wang
Member Evelyn Cai
Member Katie Gu
Member Karen Yao
Member Andrew Tong
Member Katherine Zhong
Member Benjamin Liang Benjamin Liang
Member Melinda He
Member Daniel Ling
Member Kathy Liang
Member Janie Chen
Member Kevin Tong
Member Luxin Peng
Member Kathryn Guan
Member Peter Wang
Member Annee Zhu
Member Richard Hong
Member Ethan Chen
Member Fangyuan Wang
Member Shurui Zhang
Member Jiajun (William) He
Member Allen Jiang
Member Sophia Jiang
Member Caleb Ci
Member Kayla Pangilinan
Member Frank Li
Member Adith Ram
Member Shruthi Murali
Member Cody Peng
Member Justin lenderman
Member Cody Yu
Member Ryan Chang
Member Ben Fa
Member Robert Leal
Member Ryan Leal
Member Ray Leal
Member Sarah
Member Daniel Tan
Member Samuel Jing



Junior Branch Members


Member Geoffrey Liu
Member Langdon Dai
Member Fred Guo
Member Yifan Wang
Member Yichen Wang
Member Andy Fu
Member Wyatt Yin
Member Wendy Yin
Member Cindy Li
Member Julia Xiao
Member Prince Xiao
Member Andrea Cao
Member Allen Jiang
Member Kevin song
Member Owen Cai
Member Erick Ethan Edwin Gao
Member Aaron Cheng Jingxuc@yahoo. Com
Member Andy Gu
Member Jerry Tong
Member Edward Qi
Member Eric Qi
Member Kate Liu
Member Catherine Bai
Member Terry Guo
Member Micah Yang
Member Alexander Sun
Member William Sun
Member Marc Lu
Member Derek Zhu
Member Richard Kuzmenko
Member Sasha Kuzmenko
Member Alexander Miao
Member Andy Jiang
Member Edwin Ling
Member Tegan Tien
Member Aaron Wu
Member Bryan Li
Member Michael Meng </
Member Cordelia Li
Member David Ding
Member Ruiti he
Member Ethalyn He
Member Jorryn Li


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