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On the July 22 2015, three high school students from New York City (NY) founded the New York City Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS).



The founders of New York City Branch are Jack Wang, Alice Wang, and William Zhou (from left).

Congratulation to Jack, Alice, and William.  Great Job!


The Description of New York City Branch

The NYC Branch is based in New York City metropolitan area. Our mission is to bring live music to older adults living in NYC metropolitan area in the purpose of enhancing their quality of life. We recruited NYC-area professional , semi-professional and student musicians to provide monthly two-hour, interactive outreach performances to senior centers, day programs, retirement communities, nursing homes and even home-bound older adults. Audience engagement and interaction are built into our performance event.

Through innovative community senior centers’ programs and services, AYLUS NYC Branch is partnering with nonprofit organizations, government, and business to improve the health and quality of life of hundreds if not thousands older adults by 2020.
AYLUS NYC Branch welcomes volunteers in a variety of roles, including activities that showcases team work , management and relationship establishment. This branch is inclusive, and greatly encourages volunteer actions in any way possible. Every member at our organization looks for ways improve the quality of life in our community and NYC area in large. . We aim to organizing various performance events by coordinating with community leaders under the guidance of AYLUS advisors to achieve our goals .

  Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Jack Wang
Vice President Alice Wang
Secretary William Zhou
Advisor Linda Hu


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