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July-August, 2015 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50


On the July 19, 2015, four high school students from Miami founded the first AYLUS branch in Florida: Miami Branch.




The founders of Miami Branch are Shangtao Wu, Jonathan Lau, and Grechell Verdecia, Michael Foos (from left). Congratulation to Shangtao, Jonathan, Grechell, and Michael. Great Job!

The Description of Miami Branch

The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States Miami branch is located in Florida. The two goals of the Miami branch is to better the community through volunteer projects and inspire others to do the same. Our branch will not only develop new service projects, but also improve upon old ones. By implementing and running activities, branch members will gain leadership and social skills necessary in life. The second goal of the Miami branch of Youth Leaders is to inspire students to become a more active part of the community and find joy in serving others. We are very open-minded and strive to work our hardest. If you’re located in the Miami/South Florida area, we highly encourage you to join!

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Shangtao Wu
Vice President Jonathan Lau
Secretary Michael Foos
 Founder Grechell Verdecia
Advisor Xianhui Li

Branch Members

Name Email
Sophie Hao
Ada Yan
 Daisy Chen
Joseph Kim
Joshua Paulus
 Kevin An
Lylia Jiang
Mike Zhou
Yuan Xi Chen
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