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Status: Honor, Branch of the Year with the Most Potential for Growth (2016-2017), Branch of the Month (July 2017, September 2017)


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On July 14, 2015, two co-founders of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS) worked together to create the 3rd AYLUS Branch in Houston, Texas. It marks the 3rd AYLUS Branch in the nation and the second branch in Texas!







The co-founders of Houston Branch are Clio Sun and Jonathan Liu. It was created less than ten days after the founding of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS). Congratulations to Clio and Jonathan!!!

The Description of Houston Branch

The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States Texas Branch strives to focus ourselves on serving the community and benefiting the society of where we live. Through dedicated work and service in a myriad of interest fields, we believe in communicating to the world that AYLUS Texas Branch is willing and committed to aid the community and make the world a better place. If you are in the Texas area, please join our local branch to become a part of this wonderful organization!

The Houston Branch welcomes all students who lives in the Greater Houston area!

AYLUS is a PVSA Certifying Organization and can help its members apply for PVSA Gold, Silver, and Bronze service medals.


Recent News:

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Jonathan Liu jonathanviolin77@gmail.com
Vice President  Amy Yang 

Kevin Gao



Secretary  Eve Wang wang_eve@yahoo.com
Treasurer  Thomas Yeum yeum.thomas@gmail.com
Historian Flora Hu

Aileen Lu



Advisor  Renee Liang reneeliang77@yahoo.com
Advisor  Michelle Hu michelle.hu@gmail.com

Branch Members



 Position Name Email
Member Aaron Tsui tsui2020@yahoo.com
Member Saebin (Chloe) Yang chloeyang2000@gmail.com
Member Sharon Wang sharon.rowang@gmail.com
Member Seann D’Souza seann@dsouza.net
Member Marco Ramirez marcoram2000@gmail.com
Member Victoria Zhang victoriaazhang@gmail.com
Member Jimmy Liu Jimmyliu2003@gmail.com
Member Eric Li cinnapple780@gmail.com
Member Justin Oca justin72835@gmail.com
Member Andrew Hallack Andrew.hallack@gmail.com
Member Cliff Xu xu.cliffjun@gmail.com
Member Quinn Fan quinnfan48@gmail.com
Member Leanne Wu Leannewu7@gmail.com
Member Rachel Yuan rachel.y.3879@gmail.com
Member Dennis Liu dennisliubgo@yahoo.com
Member Alice Liu Alice.liu53@hotmail.com
Member Lalitha Kaligotla ilovespace00@gmail.com
Member Jerry Wan jerry.wan01@gmail.com
Member Cindy Zhuang cindycclz1@gmail.com
Member David Guan david.guan@att.net
Member Evelyn Tang evelynt958@gmail.com
Member Michelle Li
Member Crystal Wang crystalqingwang@gmail.com
Member Nicholas Nguyen nicholast.h.nguyen@gmail.com
Member Andrea Liu artgirl1814@gmail.com 
Member Angela Liu Aliu65803@gmail.com
 Member Ida Balakrishna gopikakrisna@yahoo.com 
 Member Courtney Hodgson courtney.jade@sbcglobal.net 
 Member Kaitlyn Tran trankaitlyn111@yahoo.com
 Member Ramyani Roy riniramyani@gmail.com 
 Member Anisa Mok aarm2001@gmail.com
 Member Anthony Ha aanthonyha@gmail.com 
 Member Aliah Zewail aliahzewail@hotmail.com 
 Member Ryan Li mizhujun@gmail.com 
 Member Joe Liu liuxt129@gmail.com 
 Member Brandon Chao juliec400@hotmail.com 
 Member Sara Garcia sariaktx@gmail.com
 Member Chelsea Teng chelseateng10@gmail.com
 Member Benz Nguyen benz.nguyen821@gmail.com
 Member Aubrey Cui  cuiaubrey@gmail.com
 Member Justin Li justinjiayi.li@yahoo.com
 Member Alan Wan alan.wan01@gmail.com
 Member Nathan Yuan nathanyuan@yahoo.com
 Member Arthur Ha arthurha05@gmail.com
 Member David Li david.mengwei.li@gmail.com
 Member Angela Guan angela.guan@att.net 
 Member Brian Zhuang brian55555@gmail.com
 Member Heming Yao yheming1030@gmail.com
 Member Roger Shui roger.shui@gmail.com
 Member Kelly Wu kellywu076@gmail.com
 Member Jason Yuan jasony123123@gmail.com
 Member Michelle Sun Michellesun1234@gmail.com
 Member Daniel Wei dominum15@outlook.com
 Member Nicholas Gonzalez nickgonzalez100@yahoo.com
 Member Ethan Jiang ejiang2004@gmail.com



Position Name Email
Former President Clio Sun cliohu_sun@yahoo.com
Former Member Evelyn Tang  evelynt958@gmail.com


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