Half Hallow Hills, NY

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July-August, 2015 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50


On the August 30, 2015, six students from Half Hollow Hills (NY) worked together to create the Half Hollow Hills High School West AYLUS branch. It marks the 13rd AYLUS branch in the nation!


The founders of Half Hollow Hills are David Tang, Sean Patten, Ryan Li, Dragon Peng, Joe Tang, TigerPeng.HHHFounders

(from  left: Sean Patten, Ryan Li, Dragon Peng, David Tang, Joe Tang,Tiger Peng)

It was less than two months after the creation of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus). Congratulation to David, Sean, Ryan, Dragon, Joe, Tiger. You are awesome!

The Description of Half Hollow Hills Branch

This branch is found by six half hollow hills school students, four of them are high school student (10th grade), and two of them are middle school student. The founder include: David Tang, Sean Patten, Ryan Li, Dragon Peng, Joe Tang, Tiger Peng The founder gathered together and had the first meeting today (Aug 30th, 2015), and identified couple of future volunteer service direction, include animal shelter, food bank, and beach clean. The group member will be actively participate the AYLUS events, and start to initial its own program soon. The group meeting will be hosted once per month, and we are looking forward to recruit more members to join in the future.

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President David Tang dtang.dt100@gmail.com
Vice President Sean Patten jaredtwo2two@gmail.com
Secretary Ryan Li rykev2000@gmail.com
Advisor David Peng sunycs2510@gmail.com


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