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On November 14, 2017, three co-founders of  the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus) founded the thirty second branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus) in Long Island: Enlearning, NY.


The founders of the Enlearning Branch are Kevin Liu, Emily Zhang, and Paul Yu.

Congratulation to Kevin, Emily, and Paul! Great Job!

The Description of Enlearning Branch

It has been two years since we joined the high school community. We have been thinking about what we can do in the future and what contribution we can make for our community. After witnessing so many new immigrants struggling with English, we came up with an idea of tutoring English to anyone whose native language is not English. We have gone through all the obstacles when we were in the same situation before, we can help them by offering English lessons of listening, speaking and reading now.

We are planning to offer this program to students who are adults from non-English speaking countries. We will hold classes regularly. We are about to host seminars on English enrichment at the library. We may also launch variable activities to make our community a home for every neighbor. Since language skill is the key factor for immigrants to live happily in the United States, our main goal is to help them with not only the basics in English but also useful English tactics that will be constantly used.

Thousands of miles start with a little step, we will devote to what we are going to do——help people with what they really need and make life better.


Current News

Enlearning Branch Branch Organized Christmas Food Drive on December 20, 2017

Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Kevin Liu kevinliu010903@gmail.com
Vice President Emily Zhang zhangemily0904@gmail.com
Secretary Paul Yu paulyu.tim@gmail.com
Advisor Lisa Yu lifengyu5918@gmail.com

Branch Members

Position Name Email
Member Youran Wu
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