Dallas, TX

Status: Active 

On March 19, 2017, a high school student founded the Dallas Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS).


The founder of the Dallas Branch is Yuqing Liu.

Congratulations to Yuqing. Great Job!


The Description of the Dallas Branch of AYLUS

Leadership is the ability to create an inspiring vision of the future and motivate others to engage in that hope for a better future. The Dallas Branch of AYLUS will accomplish just that. We believe that change starts locally with us, the generation that can change the world. Students must be motivated and encouraged to use their own talents and abilities to help others. Our branch of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States, located in Dallas, Texas, is dedicated to using what we have and what we can do to not only help the less fortunate but also motivate others to look forward to a better tomorrow. As our country;s next leaders, we aspire to bring a plethora of new projects and opportunities to our city. We are committed to providing an environment filled with imagination, compassion, and knowledge in order to better our expanding world. This branch will work to impact both our community and the community that we are now a part of in AYLUS. The change of our generation begins with us, and we are ready to tackle an challenge and leave our footprints on the world.

The Dallas Branch of AYLUS welcomes anyone who is ready to step up and make a difference!

Check out some of our Current and Ongoing Projects:


Dallas Branch Donation Boxes Project for Cancer Funds


Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Yuqing Liu yuqingliu2000@hotmail.com
Vice President Lara Wang larawang2000@gmail.com
Secretary William Liu williamnbastar@gmail.com
Adviser Chun Dai dch7125@163.com




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