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On the July 17, 2015, three high school students from Chicago (IL) founded the Chicago Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus).




The founders of Chicago Branch are Cissy Xiao, George Tang, and Bradley Yu (from left).

It was only 12 days after the creation of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus). Congratulation to Cissy, George, and Bradley. Great Job!

The Description of Chicago Branch

We are a hardworking trio that aspires to help our community by improving our leadership skills. We believe that Alliance of Youth Leaders will build our characters into better human beings. What makes a good leader though? A leader must be adaptable. We all get along with each other and with other classmates as well, meaning we see ideas from others’ points of view. Another important part is communication. We share our thoughts with friends and family, and vice versa. The relationship is mutual. Respect is also a major component. We appreciate any help offered. So please, join our branch in making the world a greater place!


Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Cissy Xiao
Vice President George Tang
Secretary Bradley Yu
Adviser Vicky Wang
Adviser Yan Zheng

Branch Members

 Branch Members Name Email
 Member  Vanessa Peng
 Member  Brian Yang
 Member  Andrew Yang
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