Arcadia, CA

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On the July 21, 2015, three high school students from Arcadia (CA) founded the Arcadia Branch for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus).


screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-53-15-pmOrinaethanThe founders of Arcadia Branch are Justin Yeung, Oriana Zhao, and Ethan Chau (from left).

Congratulation to Justin, Oriana and Ethan, Great Job!



The Description of Arcadia Branch

The Arcadia branch of Alliance of Youth Leaders aims to enhance the community by encouraging volunteering and bolstering projects. During these projects, students will flower in science and engineering while they accrue social skills through an entertaining lesson or project. Our mission is to perpetuate the interests of the students by providing resources in order to engender an atmosphere capable of educating others while continuing to support the community. With the help of volunteers, we may set up experiments and lectures that will help students understand how the world works around them in a microscopic to a macroscopic level. Throughout the course of the year, we plan to set up projects that will improve our community by solving existing problems. All projects will encourage volunteers to join in order to give back to the community and will promote creativity, innovation, and learning. If anyone is interested in joining, he or she can help our group make the difference in this wonderful community.

Branch Leadership


Position Name Email
President Justin Yeung
Vice President Oriana Zhao
Secretary Ethan Chau
Advisor Angela Hui


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