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2015 AYLUS Charity Activities

Sophie WenSophie Wen, Silicon Valley Branch President,  has made this wonderful documentary video.  It records the charity activities had been conducted by AYLUS in 2015.   It shows our great effort to contribute our communities and the creative minds we have unleashed in these activities.  Many thanks to Sophie and to our members.  You are wonderful!

2015 Members of Year New
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12 outstanding members have been awarded the title of 2015 AYLUS Members of Year.  They are: William John, Christie Yu, Eric Wu, Hill Yin, Emily Wang, Sophie Wen, Shangtao Wu, Lauren Yang, Cissy Xiao, Aric Zhuang,  Leo Tong, and Gan Liu.

Click here for their stories.

2015 AYLUS Parents’ Appreciation Event

 Join AYLUS in our Parents’ Appreciation Event! Show your gratitude for your parents by cooking them a meal, decorating the house, shoveling snow, or any other way you can think of!

High School Contact: Sophie Wen

Elementary-Middle School Contact: Julia He


(video on left: Meal prepared by Julia for her family; Picture above: Meal prepared by Christie Yu for her family)

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fooddrive2015 AYLUS Food Drive

Initiated by Hill Yin and Leo Tong, AYLUS launches 2015 AYLUS Holiday Food Drive coordinated by: Hill Yin: yinyuanyi@gmail.com and Leo Tong: Leotong123@gmail.com


15 branches had participated in this event.  Click here to see more detailed story.




Essay Contest

The 2015 AYLUS Essay Contest offers students the chance to demonstrate their writing skills while additionally showing their passion and love for the AYLUS community. The top three papers in each grade category will be featured on the AYLUS website and will be used by the organization for future charity events. Participants will enter in the categories of grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
Please submit in a Word document format along with the writer’s full name, age, grade, e-mail address, and picture. We will need a picture of the writer to publish the written work!
2015 AYLUS Essay Contest Flyer(PDF)
Coordinator: Christie Yu
Committee: Emily Wang (chair), Christie Yu, Sophie Wen, Lauren Yang, Cissy Xiao, Jonathan Liu, Alex Lin, Eric Wu, Shangtao Wu, Luvena Huo, Claire Wen, Bradley Yu, Jessica Fan

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The AYLUS Art Contest provides young artists with the opportunity to develop their creativity and spread their passion to the world. The top three pieces in each grade category will be featured on the AYLUS website and will be used by the organization for future charity events.

Who: AGallery Picturenyone in grades K-12

Deadline: November 15, 2015

What: All 2D mediums. 3D and digital art not accepted. Art that contains nudity or supports drug use/violence is prohibited.

How to Enter: Create an original work of art based on a topic of the artists’ choosing. When complete, take a clear high resolution photo of the entire piece of art in good lighting. Email the photo of the entry to gallery@aylus.org along with student information (name, age, grade level) and information about the art (title, medium). Event coordinator: Emily Wang.

The 2015 AYLUS Art Gallery Event Flyer (PDF)

Click here to enjoy the spectacular artworks!

Featured Artworks


William John, president and co-founder of AYLUS has initiated and organized the 2015 AYLUS Clean Up the World Event in September. The event was a huge success. 13 branches participated in the event. Volunteers from AYLUS came out to clean parks and beaches to help their communities. William put great effort to plan and manage the event, updated event’s progress on AYLUS website and Facebook and contacted branch presidents to encourage more members to get involved in the event. This event provided the opportunity for all the members to contribute to the world by making it cleaner and more beautiful. It was highly praised and supported by all the members and officers.


music from heartThe 2015 AYLUS Music From Heart Event


Click here to watch the show

Awards List

The Music From Heart Event encourages young musicians to spread their love for music to the hearts of others by recording and uploading their music pieces to YouTube. The most outstanding pieces will be selected to be included in CDs for future charity events. Event details and rules are available here.  Event coordinator: Lauren Yang.

bookcoverChristie YuChristie Yu

Donates Her Art Book



Christie Yu, Cofounder and Vice President of AYLUS, has donated her art book IMAGINE to AYLFUS for fund raising.  Christie loves arts.  She recently received Scholastic National Medal 2015 for her piece of art Morning.  Christie is current a high school student at Wellesley High School. Her art book IMAGINE is available at AYLFUS Book store.

Math Wizards Released AMC Tutorial Videos


Hill and Eric

For more than 60 years, students across the country have taken up the challenge of America’s longest-running and most prestigious math contests, The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). Dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth, the AMC program identifies, recognizes, and rewards excellence in mathematics. Every year, at thousands of schools in every state, more than 350,000 students take part in the AMC challenge.

Hill Yin and Eric Wu, co-founders of AYLUS, have released their AMC tutorial videos on AMC!
To help high school students to prepare for the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), Hill Yin (a USAJMO qualifier) and Eric Wu (a TX representative at the MATHCOUNTS National competition) have devoted their summer time to develop a series of AMC tutorial videos. Check out their latest releases!

 Bring Music to Seniors

The New York Branch, headed by Jack Wang (left),  has initiated a “Bring Music to Seniors” program. They have performed music at various senior centers in Forest Hill (NY) area. Attached is the video they taped during recent performance.

Build a Robot Yourself ! 

Gan Liu

Gan Liu, a co-founder of AYLUS, shows you how to build a working robot from scratch. This 35 minutes video is a superb introduction to build a robot yourself. Enjoy!

Gan and his fellow members at Fort Bend branch had a robotics seminar which attracted a large crowd in the local community.  See more about the seminar…

The Robotigerpengtics Heat Is Going On

Tiger Peng made a easy-to-follow video on how to make your own robot with Arduino kit.

It is great for starter! Try do it at home.


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