logo1What is AYLF?

American Youth Leadership Foundation (AYLF, website:  www.aylfus.org  ) is the sponsor organization for Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS).  AYLF is a non-profit organization created and operated by a group of adult volunteer workers.
logo Christie shortThe national leadership of AYLUS will include a Board of Advisors which will be formed by the volunteer workers from AYLF and other organizations. It will also include former presidents from AYLUS. The members of the Board of Advisors will assist the AYLUS national leadership in the development and supervision of projects aimed at benefitting communities.


Each committee of AYLUS will have adult volunteer advisors from AYLF and other organizations to supervise in order to ensure it operates smoothly.  In addition, AYLF will also support AYLUS in many other ways such as:

  • Helping AYLUS members in the development and execution of projects.
  • Providing necessary financial and material support to the projects carried by AYLUS
  • Providing advisory and consulting services to AYLUS.



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