Activities FAQ


How to make documents with AYLUS logos and icons?

To make documents with AYLUS logos or icons, please use the images as follows:

1 AYLUS Header/Banner AYLUS Header/Banner
2 AYLUS Logo/Icon Aylus Logo/Icon
3 AYLUS Logo/Icon (2) Aylus Logo/Icon (2)Aylus Logo/Icon (2)
4 Download the image package


How to make videos with AYLUS covers?

All AYLUS videos should have four components as follows:

Component Video
1 Standard Intro AYLUS_Intro_02_1920x1080
2 Content Your video content
* If you need a customized close disclaimer such as those in AMC tutorial videos, please download the PowerPoint template and add your own information.


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