Chapel Hill Branch Performed at Senior Living Center

On September 30,2017, 8 members came to the senior living center to perform. There were two new members, Rebecca and Bei Bei. Rebecca played the Ruan, a traditional Chinese instrument which resembles a guitar, and Bei Bei played the western guitar. Another traditional Chinese instrument played by Jiarong was the Hu Lu Si, a type of Chinese Flute. Nicholas, an elementary grade student, played the saxophone. Mark was on the piano, Christina on the clarinet and Selina on the Flute. The most memorable performance was Que Sera Sera. It was sung by all the seniors with accompaniments from Grace on the piano and Bei Bei on the guitar. Brief introductions were given before each performance. The seniors were welcoming and friendly. One of the seniors, Bill, even said that this performance reminded him of his high school years when he played the clarinet. This was truly a great performance, as it succeeded in making the seniors happy. We are just as excited as them and we will be coming back in 2 weeks on October 14.

Updated: November 16, 2017 — 5:02 am
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