Christopher Yang and Stephen Yang Provide Music Therapies to Brain Injury Patient on a Weekly Basis

Christopher Yang and Stephen Yang of the San Diego Branch of AYLUS provided music therapies to a brain injury patient Annie on a weekly basis for three years now.

Annie suffered from brain injury, three strokes, three heart attacks, and injury of her internal organs from a boating accident when she was 14 in 2003. She was a young, beautiful, and healthy little girl before the accident. She was paralyzed and could not speak clearly after the accident. Before the San Diego Branch treated her two and a half years ago, the fingers of Annie’s left and right hands could not be separated from each other. She is also legally blind. After many hours of music therapies from the San Diego Branch of AYLUS, the fingers of Annie’s right hand could be separated from each other about one year ago. Annie’s Mom Lucia was full of joy and said it was a miracle. She keeps bring Annie back to Christopher and Stephen so they can treat her.

Christopher and Stephen tried to train Annie’s left hand since September 24, 2017. Hopefully, her left hand can also gain some motor skills.


Updated: November 13, 2017 — 5:02 am
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