San Diego Branch Organized 14th Computer for Kids Lab on November 10, 2017

On November 10, 2017, students from the San Diego Branch of AYLUS organized the the 14th Computer for Kids Lab to repair computers and give them to children of low income families to help kids achieve academic success through technology.
The students tested and repaired 412 netbooks/laptops,  detangled, cleaned, sorted, folded and packed 300 notebook adaptors.
So far, the San Diego branch students have accomplished the following since the first Computer for Kids Lab started:
  • Diagnosed, repaired, and tested 2,980 notebooks/netbooks/laptops/desktops
  • Tested and repaired 966 LCD monitors
  • Tested 401 hard drives
  • Boxed 150 netbooks for distribution
  • Blown out and cleaned 12 computers
  • Folded and packed 3,611 mice and power cords 
  • Wrapped, sorted, and packaged 2,116 notebook adapters
All the laptops/netbooks/notebooks will be donated to children of needed families so they can have a computer to work at home.
The following students participated in the 14th Computer for Kids Lab: Leonard Fan, Sherry Fu, David He, Tiara He, Enoch Huang, Anthony Jiang, Claire Jiang, William Lai, Daniel Li, James Li,  Samuel Li, William Sun, Leon Wang, Mike Wang, Richard Wu, Kyne Xie, Eric Xu, Jason Xu, Ricky Xu, Nathan Yang, Andrew Zhang, Zhirui Zheng, Brian Zhu, and Zachary Zhu.
Christopher Yang and Stephen Yang organized this 14th Computer for Kids Lab event.
Updated: December 4, 2017 — 7:00 am
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