Recommending Volunteer Organizations and Get Service Hours

Hi All,

School has started and it is time to plan ahead to work more hours in your community! If you’re looking for a quick way (maybe fifteen minutes) to get multiple volunteer hours on a website, look below:
Here at AYLUS we like to do volunteer service. The best way for us to support each other as a community, then, is for us to help each other find volunteer service opportunities. While AYLUS provides you with leadership opportunities to create those volunteer projects for yourselves, sometimes you might just want to help your local community, at a senior residence, or at a hospital, for instance.

Some AYLUS members have helped create the “Volunteer Station” page. Here, you can find volunteer organizations that offer volunteer hours for your support. This is a community-based website, which means we need your submissions for volunteer opportunities in each state!

The steps are easy.
1) Register for an account HERE (This is the “invite” code.) This will help us keep track of hours.
2) Go to the “Forum” tab and click on “Organization.” Then click on a blue button that says “New.”
3) Research a volunteer organization in your state or area! Make sure to give information such as the organization’s mission, statistics (if any), logos, and contact information, as well as a short description. For reference, please check out this one, which features the Greater Boston Food Bank.
4) Once you’ve published your post, “recommend” it for the corresponding state, or if it’s a national organization, select “National.”

For your research and time, we will provide you with ONE VOLUNTEER HOUR for each organization researched!

Please support the AYLUS community by adding organizations on this website! Volunteer Station is also an excellent resource if you want to do local volunteer service as well!

Please let me know if there are any problems. Contact me at

Thanks You!

Stephen Yang


President of Volunteer Station

Updated: September 18, 2017 — 10:29 pm
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