Donation for HARVEY Flood Victims

Donation for Houston Flood Victims


On August 26th 2017, the deadly Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall in Texas. Bringing nearly 52 inches of rain to Greater Houston. Harvey unleashed its destruction and anger upon millions of Americans. Its barrage of rainfall and fast rising floods led it to be called the most dangerous storm to hit Houston in 500 years.

However, people of Houston are strong and resilient. Within days, hundreds of charities and millions of people answered the call for help. First responders in rescue boats saved trapped victims of the storm and brought them to makeshift shelters. Truly, Houston is resilient.

Neighbors are helping neighbors, strangers are aiding strangers. The American spirit is alive in Texas. We are a great nation.

Still the challenge of clean up and reconstruct Greater Houston is daunting. At least a million of school children are impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the afterwards flood. The children of Houston need your help.

Students from local AYLUS branches in Houston (Cypress, Fort Bend, Houston, Pearland, and Sugar Land) quickly responded. Together, we donated supplies, fundraised charity money, and volunteered at various shelters.

We would like to ask you to make a contribution to the children of Houston whose homes are flooded by clicking the DONATE NOW button below:



Donate: Donate through credit cards, checks, or cash.

Who: All AYLUS Branches! Anyone and everyone should participate!
What: To solicit friends and families to make donations through AYLUS.
When: Try to solicit for donations through AYLUS by September 30, 2017!
How: Hold Fundraising Drives for Houston Children Whose Homes Are Flooded.
Coordinators: Tony Liu, Kevin Chen, Jason Jiang, Jonathan Liu, Christopher Yang, Stephen Yang
Contact: Stephen Yang:, President of AYLUS.

Updated: September 11, 2017 — 12:31 am
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