2016 AYLUS Stock Trading Challenge


As a platform to promote leadership and innovation, AYLUS encourages members to explore the wonders of stock market. The mission of this activity is to spread financial literacy, and to make learning about investing fun and rewarding. Navigating through the turmoil of stock market often puts human traits to the test. Professional knowledge, strategic thinking, sound judgement, patience, risk-taking, and many other characteristics are all required for one to survive in the rogue waves of the stock market. By participating in a stock trading challenge following the heels of the real market condition, young members could not only have the chance to incubate the skills in a new territory, but most importantly, also to learn valuable lessons that they can use throughout life.


Who: All AYLUS Members
What: Stock Trading Challenge Event
When: Summer (TBD) – Nov. 31, 2016
Where: http://


Two teams will be formed to compete head to head, namely the South team and the North Team. AYLUS members join one of them according to their geological locations. The team that achieves better average gain (total gain over number of team players) will be the winning team. Also we will select individual winners from both teams as a whole based on profits and fund usages. The plan is to give an 80% weight to profits and 20% to fund usage. During the challenge time, two dedicated Facebook groups will be created to allow players to facilitate team collaboration.


The event coordinators are:

Download volunteer hours request form at: aylus.org/documents-and-forms/

Logistic details will be posted via AYLUS Facebook Group.

View the flyer here: 2016 AYLUS Stock Trading Challenge Flyer

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