Essay Contest: “Yes, I can help.” — Derek Li

DerekDerek Li (8th grade)

“Yes, I can help.”

6 December, 2015

Our society is filled with despair and imperfections. Centuries have passed since we have evolved from living in caves, and started to enhance our technology. Why is our society in this contaminated state even with all this technology? Countless tragedies occur throughout our lives. Murders occur almost daily. Diseases evolve rapidly to match our drugs. Technology, people, social interactions, religious beliefs all have had a role in corroding this world. When all of this is happening, what should I do to help?

I know that there are things that we in our lifetimes can never change. I am just a simple thirteen year old living his life in this plagued society. What can I do to make a difference? Is there something that I can do to reduce the pain and suffering during this era? I have come to realize that even if the differences I make are evanescent, helping is something beneficial no matter the magnitude. My belief is that in order to help the world, you have to start by helping those around you first. Everything starts small, whether it is business, ideas, governments, or even a society. All of our governments today did not just appear out of nowhere. They all started with a couple simple ideas which grew larger and more influential. I want to start by helping and making a difference in the environment around me. Even by helping a friend studying for a test or attending to someone who is hurt can foster the spirit of helping. I may not have the capabilities to change the world, but that does not stop me from trying to make a difference.

I want to help because I believe that my actions will avail in creating better lives for people around the world. This society will change and develop and there is nothing we can do about it, but it is our obligation as people to point the direction this world is headed. It is inevitable that one day we will be forgotten, so for the time being help while you can because the efforts you make will most definitely be remembered. If my actions of helping can make even a slight difference in improving this society, then I will be satisfied.  Yes, I want to make this world a better place. Yes, I can help.

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