Essay Contest: Giving is Receiving — David Lin

David-LinDavid Lin (7th grade)

Giving is Receiving

6 December, 2015




As wise words goes:
What lies behind you
And what lies before you
Are tiny matters compared
To what lies within you.

When Mark Zuckerberg gave out
His treasure throughout,
Billion dollars seemed so tiny
In front of the pleasure
Brought by a baby scout.

Greediness confines a person’s heart
In a closed world of material.
What he loses is the vast of world of
Happiness with zeal being his appearance,
And freedom his trail.

A hamburger pacifies a hungry stomach;
A smile sets a grumpy face even.
When one’s ability for good deeds is unbound,
His potential rules out the need for a lucky seven,
For giving is receiving,
Because there is an award in heaven.

“Zeal is the volcano
The peak of which
The grass of indecisiveness
Does not grow.”
Giving is the moon,
The serenity of which
The cloud of bitterness
Does not flow.

You shall be blessed
Indeed when your gourmet party
Is ruined by a hungry kid in rags.
But rather to face challenges of giving up hiding in clouds
And yet you step out courageously
With no trace of zig-zags.
Blessed are those who shape our society
Instead of molding a celebrity.
Giving is rightly esteemed
The first human quality,
Because it is the quality which
Exalt the world in its entirety.

In every winter’s heart
There is a quivering spring
And behind the veil of earthly desire
There is a virtue of giving.

Giving makes every yesterday
A dream worth memorizing,
And every tomorrow
A vision of cooperating.
Giving is receiving.

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