Essay Contest: “Yes, I can help.” — Alisa Wu

IMG_4529Alisa Wu (2nd grade)

“Yes, I can help.”

30 November, 2015

Hi, my name is Alisa. Do you know I am only 7 and I can do lots of things? Imagine a 7 year old girl helping a lot of people.

I can help a lot of people if they need help, here are some ways I can help:

In my school: I can help my teacher Mrs. Flores clean up the classroom after school every day. I can help my friend Sarah and my other friends. If they trip, I can help them up. I can play with other people at school if they look lonely and have no friends. I can also play with my friends if their other friend left.

In my house: I can help my mother cook the food and fold the clothes. I can help my father take care of the pool and plant the garden. I can help my brother serve his food too.

In the community: I can help Aylus by playing the piano for old people. Even if I am only 7 I can help and teach the kids sing and dance because I am a worship leader in the church. I can deliver the food for homeless people at the beach. I can help people on the street if they need help.

In the future: When I am a teenager, I want to help pediatrician heal children. When I grow up, I want to be a kindergarten teacher because I want to help little kids.

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