Pearland Branch volunteered at the Houston Food Bank

Today (Nov 23), the Pearland Branch volunteered at the Houston Food Bank.
Every year as Thanksgiving Day approaches, we all anticipate the good times and memories that we will share with our families and friends around the dinner table. However, sometimes when we are entangled with the holiday spirit, we forget that many people in the world cannot experience what we do because they do not have food to eat.

This year, the AYLUS Pearland Branch decided to step up and make a change for those who couldn’t. On Monday, November 23rd, 30 people ages 7-16 went over to the Houston Food Bank with many donations and big smiles. Together, they packaged 2867 boxes and 17280 meals for those who were “food insecure”.

The members who participated in the food drive include: Kevin Chen, Tony Liu, Jason Jiang, Donna Liu, Bill Tang, Vincent Yang, William Li, Grace Liu, Ryan To, Bharath Balabaskar, Kevin Bai, Jerred Chen, Wilbert Liu, Jeffrey Wu, Hans Wang, Wanxi Zhu, Lisa Wei, Benjamin Liang, Allen Jiang, Langdon Dai, Geoffrey Liu, Kate Liu, Julia Wu, Melinda He, Jonathan He, Thomas Liang, and Evelyn Cai.










Updated: November 24, 2015 — 2:16 pm
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