Essay Contest: “Yes, I can help.” — Emily Wang

Emily WangEmily Wang (10th Grade)

“Yes, I Can Help”

23 November, 2015

The world is plagued with horrors. Disease, murder, bullying, racism-the media is flooded with stories of disaster daily. One turns on the television and wonders-what will it be today? Will there have been another shooting? Another hate crime? These things happen so often that people have become accustomed to them, despite our telling each other to be open to one another’s plights.

In a society filled with disparity, I know that I want to help. When I look at this world filled with things like human trafficking or abuse, I wish that I could just take it all away. I know that I am only fifteen, and that the earth will not transform just because I want it to. Still, I have realized that just because I cannot change the entire world, does not mean that I cannot try to change the lives of those around me. To quote the story teller Aesop, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

I can be there for those I love, I can help others through turbulent times. Day by day, if I try to be kind to all those I encounter, I’ll be able to affect the world in my own way. I have resolved to try my best to keep my head up and my hopes high, despite how human and imperfect I am, and despite how many times I know that I will make mistakes.

In this convoluted life, I am determined to fight against the negative aspects of this world that seem indomitable. I am never going to be as influential as I wish I could be, but that will not stop me from trying to influence those around me. I have come to realize that yes, even though I am still young, I can always help.

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