Essay Contest: Why do I love AYLUS? — Melinda Yu

FullSizeRenderMelinda Yu (4th grade)

Why do I love AYLUS?

20 November 2015

On an ordinary Sunday morning my mom came in and announced that there was a fantastic organization named AYLUS.  I scrunched my nose in confusion, asking “AYLUS?  What’s that?”  My mom was practically bursting with excitement. “See for yourself!” she said. She handed me her phone with the official AYLUS website on it.  I read the words online explaining what AYLUS was and blinked.  Wow!  This AYLUS organization was so cool!  No, not cool, fantastic!  AYLUS encourages one to pursue his or her talents and hobbies, learn all sorts of subjects, and best of all, meet new people!

AYLUS is an excellent program that encourages one to do what one enjoys and favors the most.  For example, I like math, so AYLUS agreed enthusiastically to my making AMC 8 videos for its math website (  I fulfill at least two of the motives for which AYLUS represents: I love teaching people and enjoy creating mathematical problems.  I understand that math presents much difficulty and challenge to many children and adults.  My goal to AYLUS’s viewers who experience anxiety with math is to reduce the stress associated with learning math concepts.  With AYLUS’s help and support, I present strategies that can “break down” the steps required to solve, for example, a word problem in a simplistic manner.

My love of AYLUS also comes from the fact that I can learn so much from it!  One example is when someone made a “How to Make Paper Flowers” tutorial for AYLUS.  Because of AYLUS, I can now make paper flowers for all my friends and family and give them as gifts for holidays!  In addition, I observed someone building a robot whose actions were dictated by the creator.  The mechanics of the wheels amazed me, as they moved in any direction with little resistance.

Another fascinating aspect of participating in AYLUS is that I can meet so many new people.  For instance I was with the South Boston Branch auctioning pieces of art in October.  I hadn’t met many of the people in the branch that my sister led, but I sure was interested to see them.  When I was there I not only spoke to many new people from AYLUS, I also made new friends!

As you can see, I really love AYLUS.  AYLUS encourages one to pursue his/her talents and hobbies, learn all sorts of subjects, and best of all, meet new people!  As I look back to my memories spent with and for AYLUS, I realize my love of AYLUS can, and is shared by others as well, for AYLUS benefits everyone.

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