Essay Contest: Why do I love AYLUS? — Jessica Fan

IMG_1906Jessica Fan (7th Grade)

Why do I love AYLUS?

2 November, 2015

What’s AYLUS? AYLUS is an organization where every kid shows his or her talents, and fun videos. It’s also a place where people can make, organize, and plan events. Why do I love Aylus? Well, you will gain leadership skills, it’s a great area for learning and teaching, and that everybody in AYLUS contributes!

As long as you’re an active member on AYLUS, you’re sure to be a better leader than you were before. Since you could be organizing anything from shirts to cool videos yourself, you will learn what it takes to do those tasks. Maybe you’re shy, or don’t feel comfortable to speak out and do all that at once. That’s fine. Slowly you’ll learn to love sharing out your ideas and thoughts. After all, isn’t this what AYLUS is about?

From DIY flowers to tough AMC problems, you all get to learn something by watching these videos, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned; how to make cool robots, slime, and solve a rubik’s cube (really liked that video, I got to make my teacher’s rubik’s cube into all sorts of patterns). If you’re going to be the brainiac who says “I know this stuff!”, then how about share some of your knowledge with others? I’m sure you would enjoy it, and I’m also sure that many people would learn something new from your post.

Pretty much everybody who signed up for AYLUS contributed to the organization, some more than others. People would plan out events, such as the art contest and food drive. Others, though, can post videos and participate in these events. Anyway, these events and the people entering these events all help AYLUS very much. They all encourage the people of AYLUS to show their talents and be able to see what other people can do, and I think that that’s very important.

So today I’ve explained to you why I love AYLUS; you can be a better leader, learn, and teach new things, and contribute to help this organization thrive. I now hope that you’re an active leader of AYLUS, and that you see my feelings about it.

Updated: November 2, 2015 — 9:51 pm
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