Congratulation! Fort Bend Branch Won the Title “Branch of the Month” Again !!!

Status: Honor, Branch of the Month (July 2015)(August 2015)


July-August, 2015 AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50AYLUS_Wreath_50x50


EricWuOn the July 14, 2015, freshman Eric Wu, the co-founder of Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS), and three fellows founders from Sugar Land (TX) founded the Fort Bend Branch for AYLUS.


The founders of Fort Bend Branch are Eric Wu (picture), Gan Liu, Jason Wu, and Neal Pang.


It was less than ten days after the creation of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (Aylus). Congratulation to Eric, Gan, Jason and Neal. Great Job!


About Fort Bend Branch


Our mission is to contribute to the society and help others become the best they possibly can. Here in the Fort Bend area of Texas, we aim to better our community by emphasizing on forming a social-friendly environment. We support human development through the promotion of volunteering. As a part of our commitment to both transparency and to creating opportunities for the community, AYLUS Fort Bend Branch welcomes volunteers in a variety of roles, including activities that showcases leadership and creativity. This branch is universal, inclusive, and enthusiastically encourages volunteer actions in any way possible. Every member at our organization looks for ways to involve volunteers in his or her work. We aim to involve the community in all aspects of our work, and strive to form various projects that will benefit others, as well as create a healthy learning experience. Join our group with full engagement and commitment to help others reach their full potentials and promote a better community!




Recent News


Branch Leadership

Position Name Email
President Eric Wu
Vice President Gan Liu
Secretary Ashley Hsiung
Advisor Kevin Wu
Advisor Cheryl Wang
Advisor Min Wang

Branch Members

Name Email
Jason Wu
Neal Pang
David Lin
Jason Ren
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