Fort Bend TX Branch: Robotics Teams Hands-on Practice

The Fort Bend TX Branch has held its 6th activity (Aug 30th, 2015)! Branch members Gan Liu, David Lin, Eric Wu and Jason Wu attended. A number of robot teams gathered in the afternoon in a spacious class room at an enrichment school. Young robot fans had hands-on practices for about 3 hours. As usual, Gan Liu patiently mentored the beginners. It was a very fruitful activity. More and more students are introduced to AYLUS. And more and more robot teams are in the making. It’s evident a robot storm is roaring in the sunny sky of Fort Bend, TX.


AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_IMG_1227 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_142652 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_142358 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_142707 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_142729 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_142713 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_143023 AYLUS_FBTB_Robotics_20150830_143010

Updated: September 27, 2015 — 3:00 pm
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