2015 Music From Heart Event Results & Awards!

There was such amazing talent displayed in this event. We reached 62 submissions! Congratulations to all who participated! A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible, from the IT Team, Music Committee, Advisors, Judges, everyone who helped spread the word, and all the volunteers of AYLUS behind the scenes to all of the participants. This successful event would not have been possible without you all!

Results & Awards:

Division Awards 50% Audience, 50% Judges

Piano Solo:

10 & Under:

Gold – Bryant Li, Ian James Lin, Ethan Zhou

Silver – Daniel Meng, Meena He, Shining Sun


Gold – Claire Wen, Serena Liu

Silver – Henric Zhang, Grant Zhou, Jason Wu, Andrew Liu


Gold – Kevin Xu, Lauren Yang

Silver – April Cheng, Amy Zhong, Yongxin Shi


Gold – Jarrad Li, Nicole Chen

Silver – Elaine Cheng, Eric Wu, Andrew Zheng, Linda Fan, Jerry Xu


Gold – Jane Zhao, Richard Xie, Ethan Shen

Silver –  Jackie Du, Daiyao Zhang, Sophie Wen, Jennifer Zhu, Jun Hin Loi

Strings (Violin, Cello, Guitar):

Gold – Jesse Fei

Silver – Cissy Xiao, Elizabeth John, Lauren Wang, Eric Peng, Andrew Zheng, Zizhou Wang

Brass/Wind (Clarinet, Alto-Saxophone, Flute):

Gold – Jarrad Li

Silver – William John, Robert Guan, Linda Fan

Chinese Instruments (Gao-Hu, Gu-Zheng, Pipa):

Gold – Taoli Zhen, Michelle Zhang, Emily Wang


Gold – April Cheng & Elaine Cheng

Silver – Tiffany Chang & Melissa Lee, Tiffany Chang & Timothy So & Jonathan Chang


Gold – Cindy Wang (Team), Pilar Ibarra & Jay Mehta & Kevin Joseph, Cindy Wang (Maps)

Silver – Julia He & Meena He, Cindy Wang (Cheerleader), Julia He, Lori Zhou


Additional Awards

These awards are listed in no particular order.

Judges Favorites – Bryant Li, Jesse Fei, Lauren Yang, Claire Wen, Cindy Wang, Michelle Zhang, Ethan Shen, Jane Zhao, Jarrad Li

Most Promising 10 & Under – Ian James Lin, Bryant Li

Most Promising 11-12 – Claire Wen

Most Promising 13-14 – Jesse Fei, Jarrad Li, April Cheng

Most Promising 15-17 – Jane Zhao, Taoli Zhen, Richard Xie

Audience Favorites – Bryant Li; Pilar Ibarra & Jay Mehta & Kevin Joseph; Jesse Fei

Best Effort – Cindy Wang, Meena He, Linda Fan, Claire Wen, Jarrad Li, Kevin Xu, Amy Zhong, Ethan Shen, Lauren Yang, Andrew Zheng, Julia He

Best Video – Cindy Wang (Team)

Future Concert Pianists – Bryant Li, Jane Zhao

Talented Technique – Emily Wang, April Cheng, Elaine Cheng, Ethan Shen, Michelle Zhang

Future Stars – Daniel Meng, Ian James Lin, Lori Zhou, Shining Sun, Ethan Zhou, Meena He, Bryant Li

Musically Gifted – Taoli Zhen, Jesse Fei, Claire Wen, Cissy Xiao, Jennifer Zhu, Serena Liu, Zizhou Wang, Andrew Liu, Nicole Chen, Henric Zhang, Sophie Wen, Richard Xie

Dedicated Musicians – Jackie Du, Jason Wu, Robert Guan, Pilar Ibarra & Jay Mehta & Kevin Joseph, Henric Zhang, Eric Wu, Yongxin Shi, Jerry Xu, Zizhou Wang; Tiffany Chang & Timothy So & Jonathan Chang

Artistic Award – Cissy Xiao, Eric Peng, Tiffany Chang & Melissa Lee, Elizabeth John, Lauren Wang, Richard Xie, Jun Hin Loi, William John


Overall Top 15 & Honorable Mentions Judges Distinction

Jesse Fei

Bryant Li

Jane Zhao

Claire Wen

Lauren Yang

Ethan Shen

Ethan Zhou

Taoli Zhen

Richard Xie

April Cheng & Elaine Cheng

Kevin Xu

Ian James Lin

Jackie Du

Jarrad Li

HM: Michelle Zhang

HM: April Cheng

HM: Cindy Wang

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