Honor Points Request Form

Hello all AYLUS members!

I have created an Honor Points Request Form here, which is also accessible at the Documents and Forms page. Presidents of each branch should report for their branch members’ Honor Points. Members without branches can report their own activities for honor points.

Honor Points will operate thus:

  • 1 pt for participating in an AYLUS activity
  • 1 pt for recruiting members
  • 1 pt for every tutorial video, contest contribution, etc made
  • 2 pts for coordinating activities
  • 3 pts for every idea adopted by headquarters
  • 3 pts for certain special events
  • 1 pt for monthly bookkeeping
  • 1 pt for consistently maintaining the website

Other cases will also be reviewed independently by myself and a team of three other bookkeepers. Your submissions to the Request Form will also be reviewed by the bookkeepers and processed weekly. Further questions can be answered on this page.

Please contact vp@aylus.org with any questions!

Updated: September 26, 2015 — 6:02 pm
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