Leadership of AYLUS Flag and T-Shirt Design

AYLUS Flag and T-Shirt Project

Team Leader: Shangtao Wu (flag@aylus.org)

National Coordinator: Sophie Wen (treasurer@aylus.org)

Please send all design materials to the team leaders. Thank you.


Message from Coordinator:

Dear Branch Presidents,

For all our future events, we would like the officers of each local branch to have AYLUS customized t-shirts, along with a customized flag for the each branch. The flag will contain the AYLUS logo and branch name.

We would really appreciate if each officer at your branch could contribute $60, to be submitted all together by the branch President. The payment will cover the t-shirt and the customized flag for each branch, along with tax, mailing, and shipping fees.

Please note that anyone who isn’t a local branch officer can also purchase a t-shirt for $30, also to be added to the check.

We are asking the Presidents to collect the money from each of the officers and mail the total check of $180 (unless there are any additional payments for non officers), payable to AYLF, and address the receiver as (could Ms. Hu please specify the addressee?) at the AYLUS headquarters:

7 Kerry Ct
Pearl River, NY 10965

Please mail the checks by  Friday, August 21, and complete the T-shirt order form here!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email and contact me!

Lots of love,
Sophie Wen, the Treasurer of AYLUS

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