Lauren Yang has been named the Chair of Music Committee! Congratulations!

LaurenCommittee Chair: Lauren Yang


Message from Lauren

I could write an message about achieving 4th place in piano in the state, local awards, or how much of my life is spent revolving around music. But, countless hours spent practicing piano, traveling across the state for competitions and concerts, and the trophies neatly arranged on several shelves, honestly don’t matter. Everyone says that it’s the “hard work” that matters, but I believe that what truly counts is what your hard work can do for others. And that’s why for nearly 4 years now, I have been volunteering weekly at a local Alzheimer’s care center, playing piano for them because for some of the seniors, it’s their only escape. Twice a year, on Mother’s Day and during the holidays, I organize a music concert for the residents with performances from classical instruments and Chinese folk instruments to vocals and dance. Also, I believe that you can take an ordinary, everyday thing and use it to help someone in need. With that mindset, after the Nepal earthquake struck in 2015, I helped organize an event that would encourage students to practice their instruments and donate to the cause, raising over $8,000 with the We Care Act organization. I plan on continuing these events, hopefully through this organization. At a piano camp recently, I learned the arts of the greatest pianists who have ever lived and the pedagogy of teaching the next generation. Hopefully, I can use the skills that I have learned the past 10 years and benefit society further.

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